Elementary English A2

Course overview

The Elementary English A2 course is designed to develop a language competency and give the candidate the essential language for daily  activities. With this course, the candidate will build  key vocabulary, constructing sentence and other topics. This level is a  progression from the Beginner level and provides students with enough language to communicate at a basic level.

The integrated approach of this course will lets students construct sentence contents and gradually practice their listening and speaking skills. By focusing on language structures and pronunciation it will be easier to accurately produce English in many everyday situations covered in the lesson.

Course Outcomes

After completing the Elementary English A2, you will be able to:

  • Understand and use sentences or expressions in everyday situations.
  • Communicate in tasks that need an exchange of information
  • Give description in  simple language

By successfully completing this level you can progress to the next level, Pre-Intermediate B1