English for Beginners – A1

Course overview.

The Beginner Level (A1) is designed to meet the needs of those beginning and pre-literate students. The  in Beginner A1 combine basic vocabulary development with phonics-based, beginning reading instruction to create an integrated learning environment for literacy skills and communicative fluency.

English for Beginner A1, students learn the alphabet, sound/symbol correspondence,  vocabulary sight words, and beginning communication skills. Each lesson begins with a role-play and frequent assessment, combined with native-language support to ensure no student is left behind.

Mastering English for  Beginner A1 provides a solid foundation for essential English communication and literacy development and to prepares students for more advanced instruction in English Language.

Course Outcomes

After completing the Beginner A1 you will be able to:

  • Understand and use everyday expressions
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Ask and answer questions related to personal information
  • Interact with other people at a basic level

By successfully completing this level student can progress to the next level, Elementary (A2)