Ramciel Institute of Technology


Job Description

Job Title:                                        Head of the Department

Department:                                  Information Technology (IT)

Provisional Period:                        Contract

Position Information

Working Title:                                 Senior Lecturer

Position number:

Campus:                                           Juba

Job Type:                                          Lecturer

Reports to:                                        Director

About Ramciel Institute of Technology

Ramciel Institute of Technology is a premier college in South Sudan, transforming society through high-quality education and research to its community of learners. It is a private college aimed at helping society attain world-class education. The Institute offers certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, professional and short courses.

Our Vision

To offer high-quality teaching and education programs that will develop students’ knowledge and focus on strengths and skills set to meet the market demand and guided by the motto of “Transforming the society.”

Our mission

The mission of Ramciel Institute of Technology is to foster excellent and high quality, innovative education in an accessible and safe learning environment to transform our academic and workforce in society.

Overview of the post

The Information Technology, Information Communications Technology’s Position Description form (IT, ICT) describes the work assigned to position fitting within the IT & ICT classification structure. It identifies the specific job duties, assigned responsibilities, level of accountability and other important information regarding the knowledge, training, education and skills needed for each role.

Each position description must list the primary duties and secondary responsibilities currently assigned to the position along with the required competencies as determined by the employer, the essential functions necessary in performing the work and other job-related information needed.

Position Objective

This position’s objective is to give the primary purpose and describe its placement and relation to other positions in the institution. It helps employees understand the position’s key roles and contribution to the Ramciel Institute of Technology’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives to enhance quality education. It also briefly summarizes the position’s key roles and responsibilities by providing the appointee’s role, duties and responsibilities to achieve its mission.

Typical responsibilities

  • Course content, outline, Lecture planning, preparation and research
  • Check and access students works
  • Conduct appropriate learning plans, prepare, deliver or teach lessons at all levels appropriate of qualifications or department.
  • Implement Ramciel Institute of Technology’s Curriculum
  • Contribute to developing, implementing, and reviewing lessons’ plans and work schemes.
  • Assess students work and monitor achievement promptly using electronic systems and record and report the development, progress, and attainments of students in accordance with the Ramciel Institute’s assessment policies and in line with the principles of assessment for learning.
  • Have the ability to design and deliver course materials and demonstrate experience in delivering successful teaching, including identifying the current areas for revision and improvement.
  • Ready to perform other duties as assigned by the Institute.
  • Strictly adheres to student confidentiality and privacy per South Sudan Ministry of High Education’s laws, regulations and Institute rules.

Main Work & Activities

Teaching and Learning:

  • Plan, design/develop and deliver teaching material across a range of modules or within a subject area using appropriate teaching tools, learning support and assessment methods.
  • Supervise and monitor students’ works/projects and where appropriate, placements.
  • Identify areas where the current provision requires revision or improvement.
  • Contribute to the planning, design and development of objectives and material
  • Set marks and examinations, assess student works, provide feedback to students, record and report the development, progress, and students’ attainments according to the Institute’s assessment policies and in line with the principles of assessment for learning.
  • Implement Ramciel Institute of Technology curriculum, including policies, lessons’ plans and schemes of work.
  • Make use of modern technology to enhance teaching, learning and research.
  • Ensure that tutors or teaching assistants and other staff, including visiting lecturers/speakers, are used effectively to enhance learning.


  • Develop research objectives, projects and proposals.
  • Write or contribute to publications or disseminate research findings using other appropriate media.
  • Make presentations at conferences or exhibit work at other appropriate events.

Key selection criteria

  • A Master’s degree or PhD in any of the following qualifying fields: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Information Communication Technology, Information Systems, Information Security or Information Assurance is required, as is an extensive working knowledge of a C-based language, scripting languages, SQL, and database management.
  • 5-7 years of related experience is required with relevant industrial experience in the ICT environment.
  • Experience and practical skills in networking and communication technologies, including virtualization technology, systems security, and software development knowledge and skills of the current Microsoft Operating Systems.
  • Evidence or demonstration of recent continuing professional development.
  • Ability to effectively develop strategies to achieve high-quality teaching, learning and research.
  • Sufficient and adequate communication skills to a wide range of people and the ability to work independently on assigned initiatives as well as part of the team.
  • Sufficient and adequate organizational skills, including time management and administrative experiences and skills.
  • Adaptability and a desire to develop new skills in order to meet the needs of the curriculum.
  • Show a commitment to diversity of, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices, including undertaking mandatory equality and diversity training.
  • Comply with Institute regulations, policies and procedures.

Desirable Criteria

  • Preference is given to candidates with a higher-level degree and/or long-term teaching experience. Candidates with teaching experience and the ability to incorporate appropriate instructional technology into coursework are preferred.
  • Sufficient experience of teaching in territory education and the areas outlined above.
  • Sufficient knowledge of other IT disciplines.
  • Membership of the relevant professional body or institute of learning.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The successful applicant must be willing to work a flexible timetable at multiple sites and demonstrate the ability to work well with students, faculty/department, and staff at all levels within a diverse, multi-cultural, collaborative environment.

Application Process

All applications must be submitted online through hr@ramcielinstitute.edu.ss with an up-to-date resume, letter of intent, a teaching philosophy, as well as college transcripts to be considered for this position. The letter of intent must describe the candidate’s interest in working as the Head of IT/ICT and lecturer at Ramciel Institute of Technology and explain the strengths, skills, and experience s/he can bring to this position. Official transcripts are required prior to any offer of employment being made.

Required Documents

Letter of Intent, Resume/Curriculum Vitae, Teaching Philosophy, official transcripts and right to work in South Sudan (if foreign national).

Application closing date: 1st July 2022……..